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Expert House Movers, LLC has been moving and lifting houses, slab repair, foundation repair as well as leveling and pier and beam services in Houston and nationwide since 1954. We are one of the oldest house moving companies near Galveston, TX and one of the leading structural moving companies in the world. We will give you a FREE QUOTE to compare with other house lifting companies. If you need Galveston piling, house leveling, or home & building raising and moving services company, contact us today.

Since Hurricane Harvey: We can offer “ballpark estimates” faster for your convenience. Contact us by email with answers to these few questions and include the images we describe. We have been doing this all our lives and are familiar enough to know how much it will really cost. This is the benefit of decades of experience. We still offer our free estimates at your property. Call us today to set up your appointment.


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We care for your home too!

How much does it cost for house moving companies near me for foundation repair and house lifting? Call us to day for answers about house moving today.



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Big or Small

Short or tall, we can raise and reinforce, repair or create a new foundation for your home. Beautiful pillars or solid foundation for your newly raised house.



  • Slab Elevation-Unified Hydraulic Jacking System

Slab Foundation Lifting

Slab elevation has never been safer! The slab foundation is lifted evenly and accurately from a house to lighthouse raising any structure without damaging your property.


After Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, Ike, and Harvey we were there helping people just like you to prevent future catastrophe. In the Great Flood of the Midwest in 1993 we relocated entire towns; it was the first federal funded relocation of entire town in Rhineland, Missouri. We have lifted and relocated over 15,000 structures from 1954-2018 (64yrs) averaging 254 moves/yr. Most every other company that advertises moving houses or buildings are hiring from the Matyiko family or subcontracting our services. You’re also not dealing with salesman looking for commissions. Why pay more for the middle-man when you can go directly to us? If you aren’t sure, you are encouraged to get other estimates and ask for proof of what they have done on their own.

We are a Turnkey Solution – House moving is our passion and you’ll be dealing directly with the owner from the time you call until the job is done.

How much does it cost to move a house? What are my options? What do you do first?

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“Thank you for helping us to move our home! Once it was moved, it was raised another three feet and put on a new foundation that seamlessly fit the rest of the house. Beautiful work and we could truly feel you cared about our home as much as we do.”

Keith Truner • Houston